hh:mm – « Large Disaster Small Disaster »

janvier 2018

De ce hh:mm, Molly Jean Bennett a tiré un poème. De ce poème, j’ai tiré un titre pour mon hh:mm.

«Everything here shimmers. The sun in winter. A neighbor has arranged Scrabble tiles on the sidewalk: “I do not love the cold wind.” I do not love it either. I do not love the thin sock. I do not love the chapped lip. There are other things I do not love, like the distance from the counter to the floor. I do not love the wine as it spreads and stops at the seam where the tile meets the wall. I love neither the bucket nor the mop nor the long drop […]»

Monthly Ekphrastic: GIF from Alice Suret-Canale’s Hour Hour Minute Minute